Slim Pickings: does Southwest carry ESPN2?

I'm going to New York City for the first time this weekend. I was really excited because the timing seemed to work out really well.

I failed to consider that Boise State plays on more weekdays than they do on Saturdays.

Now I'm going to be in the air during the San Jose game tomorrow night. Not cool. To compound matters, I'm flying back Monday night and will be missing MNF, a game that I could have gotten tickets to.

On to the picks. This week features a ton of home underdogs.

(6) Oklahoma State at (1) Texas (-12)

The Big XII has been the talk of college football this season so far. It seems eerily similar to two years ago when everyone thought Michigan and Ohio State were the best teams in the nation, only the Big 10 hadn't played anyone. Oklahoma State and Texas Tech are the enigmas left in the conference, although I think it ends this week for Oklahoma State in convincing fashion.

Pick: Texas

(3) Penn State (-2.5) at (9) Ohio State

I hate Ohio State. I hate the fact that they've climbed back in the top 10. I'm really hoping that Penn State will play like they did in the second half of their game against Michigan and not like the first half. It's about time that someone in the Big 10 stood up to Ohio State (well, except Illinois last year - somehow that was overlooked on Ohio State's way to the national championship game) and didn't let the Buckeyes embarrass their conference in another BCS game. Plus, Penn State is freaking good.

Pick: Penn State

(2) Alabama (-6.5) at Tennessee

This is the upset pick of the week for most people. Alabama has looked feeble in the second half of its last few games. However, Tennessee has looked feeble in all of their games. As much as I hate Nick Saban, he's put together a good team. And Alabama fans, like my friend Joy, do deserve something after watching Mike Shula run their team into the ground the past couple of years.

Pick: Alabama

New Mexico State (-14) at Idaho

The game no one is watching and even fewer people are betting on.

Pick: New Mexico State

Fresno State (-16) at Utah State

Fresno's back to playing this week, which means I'm back to picking their games. Looks like Vegas isn't foolishly handing out 20+ point spreads to a Fresno team that doesn't deserve them.

Pick Fresno State

Nevada (-3) at Hawaii

Nevada travels to the island, and Vegas takes notice. Apparently this is a bigger home field advantage than playing on the Blue. I'm really surprised this line isn't at least 7. Of course, Nevada will probably find someway to lose this game and make me look foolish.

Pick: Nevada

(12) Boise State (-7) at San Jose State

The last semi-meaningful WAC game before Fresno? Maybe. I'm just glad to see a manageable spread. I've come to the conclusion that this year's Boise State team will not be covering 20+ point spreads. I'm fine with this as long as they're consistent.

Pick: Boise State

Last Week: (7-2), Overall: (39-21-1)

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